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Moogsoft AIOps 7.1.0 Documentation

Welcome to the documentation portal for Moogsoft AIOps. If you're new to the product see Getting Started .

If you launched an instance from AWS Marketplace , see setup steps .

These docs cover Moogsoft AIOps v7.1.0. For information on all releases, see Moogsoft Releases .

Operator Guide

If you're an operator, see the topics below:

Administrator Guide

If you're an admin, see the topics below:

Integration Guide

Learn how to integrate data sources:

  • Configuration Guide

    Learn how to configure Moogsoft AIOps:

    Clustering Algorithms

    Learn how to configure clustering algorithms:

    Common Topics

    Click the links for the most common topics our users search for:

    MoogDb V2 | LDAP | Graze API | ServiceNow | Cookbook | HA

    SAML | Logging | Nginx | Roles | Sizing | RabbitMQ | Splunk | Archiver


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